So, how did I get here? Why am I, today, a self-employed knitter, tutor, designer?

I’ve been knitting since the age of 3. My Mum taught me to keep me quiet. Up until I was 38, I had a ‘proper’ office job, and knitting was mostly a hobby. However, in between working hard and raising two kids, I burnt out. It cost me a lot – my mental health and my marriage. Life had to become more simple.

Now I’m (almost) 50 years old, responsible for my 5 year old Grandson – a huge part of my life – and I have learned that money is not everything, being important is about being important to someone, not everyone, and life is for living. I need work – an outlet and an income – that also allows me to be available to my child as much as possible, and it needs to be enjoyable and ‘stress free’.

Over the past 10 years, I’ve knit for shops, magazines and PR agencies. I’ve repaired family heirlooms, knit samples for fashion houses and re-created childhood toys.  I’ve worked at I Knit London and Debonnaire, selling amazing yarns to amazing knitters.  I have even knit shoes out of neon pink fishing line.

So here I am, a single parent, having gone through the DWP New Enterprise Scheme, starting my own business. I’m doing this for real. Living the dream.

My plan consists of

  • Bespoke Commission Knitting
  • Designing Patterns
  • Selling Kits
  • Teaching

Each part is a separate element, but by doing all four parts I am hopeful I can earn an income that I can survive on.

If you are looking to have something knitted or want to learn about knitting, then get in touch.